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The Coptic Orthodox community in Quebec City, capital of the French speaking Quebec Province, east of Canada, and situated geographically 235 km to the north east of Montreal, is a small, but yet still growing community.

Some individuals were established in Quebec City more than 30 years ago, whereas other new generations arrived in the last 5-10 years. The community shows a mixed generation in age and profession, with some Laval University professors in different faculties, doctors, engineers, business men and restaurant owners, altogether with students in different faculties of Laval University.

The relative short distance to Montreal was an asset for this community to travel to Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church in South shore Montreal (closest Coptic Orthodox Church) to attend liturgies and different religious services.

For many years in the past, from time to time, the community was blessed by a priest from Montreal for a Liturgy in Quebec City itself. The priests were various, including visiting priests from Mother Land Egypt until the ordination of Father Tadros El Masry on Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church Alter, south shore Montreal.

It was then and till now that he took over the blessing service of our Quebec City Community. On a basis of a monthly visit, he blesses the community from Friday evenings with a Holy Liturgy on Saturday mornings.

Holy Liturgies were celebrated in the small Chapel of Laval University, with a Bible meeting on Friday evenings in one of the community members houses, on a rotatory base. Later, all church activities, including Bible Studies, were grouped in the same University Chapel.

The Coptic Community started having access to an Irish Catholic Church (St. Stephen’s & St. Vincent’s Chapel) since spring 2010 when first Easter was celebrated in this Chapel. The Chapel was shared at that time by the Irish Catholics, Lebanese Melkites and the Egyptian Copts.    

With the Grace of our Lord, the community has access nowadays, only by themselves, to this Chapel, and since summer 2011, all Church activities are performed in it, together with preserving the opportunity of having the University Chapel whenever needed, where some Youth meetings and Bible Studies still take place over there.


This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.   (1 John 4:10)